Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Who can understand "Hiding FACTS" FROM JUSTICE, BY JUSTICE

I made "criminal complaint" to the Supreme Court of Romania , Their answer surpasses possibility of understanding or logic, and shows how stupid they think of us , and they can do all they want

Although very long for questioning, [3½ years] allowed these crooks, continue blackmailing me, and that I'll remain homeless, those who did checks, respond not to break any law
1, But  5 prosecutors have been replaced
2 All documents submitted by me have disappeared

3 were replaced and used in the files taken with me "receipts and records" false documents
These are the documents send to my by supreme council of magistrates 

I am sorry it is in Romanian language  and I do not have soft to convert and translate

I lost all hope in  justice,

In this country called Romania, there is no justice , no civil right ,,,,,,,,,

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