Saturday, October 15, 2016

What else can be said to show the corruption and fraud?

I published defense I made, and we have shown the reasons for which I tried to stop, order enforcement of my house
The reply received from the court, listened to nothing of what I said

When someone shows that he paid a debt, is obliged to pay a second time, as can the judge to accept, to oblige, to pay the higher 3rd time

How is it possible that when someone looks like, is created and used, a method of fraud, the judge to accept, and not to see?

What methods exist to wake the judge, seeing "lies and fraud"?

They said they were a "fair association" that operate legally and pays all taxes and dues to the state

How can a judge to believe it when I showed that the association has not paid taxes and insurances for employees, for 3 years

How can a judge to believe "on word" that they are legal documents when 2 "financial control" have shown that they use a method of fraud

How can a judge to believe that acts contested me are good, if another judge refused them granted with their acts because they were modified,

What can be done to stop these abuses?

Triple tax payment

Acceptance of documents incorrectly made

Accreditation of individuals who use fraud as a way of life

It is said that there are many in this world of judgment

judgment of laws

judgment of peoples 

And after everything, Next, "the judgment of God to judge everyone

What judgment be applied so one like me have part of justice ?

What do you think can be the method by which these abuses can be stopped and can function under justice and the guilty to pay?

There are country who can accept all these irregularities?

Yes there is, this country is called Romania, and is a member of the European Union

Can anyone help me, to show all these abuses and irregularities, and try to fix it, the evil which is done against me?

Can anyone help me, that I may bring irregularities to the international courts?
How many of you could accept all this irregularity?

  Is this a call for all my friends, but not only, for who will be able to read this blog

I hope that is certain, but surely this hope is not directed to those around me

A lot can be said ,,, I have lost all my words ,,, and what can i said when ... i get what i get and they do not want to listen me?

This decision was pronounced, on date "10.04.2016" with the date "27.09.2016"

What can I do as a citizen do to defend myself and protecting my right 

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