Monday, May 30, 2016

Open letter

Dear friends this is a open letter that I receive to be send to all media

Dear  all my friend 

My name is Stephanie Archangelus. 
I was a top body model in Melbourne up to 14 years ago & a model on sale of the century.
I have been detained by this government for 10 years under covert house arrest, whilst they character assassinate & defame me.
They have a corrupt CIB working on framing me, with a mafia family to make people believe I am a criminal.
I have no criminal record and a Federal police clearance, but am being demonized by the government through slander & gossip.
I have been told, that after they incapacitate me permanently, so I can never give a statement or go to court to prove my innocence; that they are giving the mafia family helping to frame me an exclusive television interview with channel 7, to cover up their corrupt CIB task force and framing of not just myself but other innocent people being targeted by an organized crime gang.
Channel 7 is not interviewing me, and has not offered to get both sides of the story, yet I am innocent and the police won't charge me because I am innocent.
They have spread it round that I have skitzophrenia though I do not have and have never been diagnosed with skitzophernia. 
I currently work with "anonymous" (started by Julian Assange) in exposing corruption around the world in all levels of government.
From local police, to other enforcement agencies including CIB, DEA, AFP, FBI, ETC, as well as exposing corruption within the judiciary system....
We are a worldwide organization.
My contribution can be found here;

I am also writing a novel called Operation Archangel, being published in Pennsylvania, a mystery thriller some of which is based on reality...

Anyway I thought you might like this story, as channel 7 refuse to interview me to coverup the corruption rife between the police force and mafia....

Stephanie Archangelus

European media

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