Friday, June 3, 2016

Without justice there is no peace

How stupid can it be?

In a relative world, lying and manipulation, which spins and twists, help or killing, silly or clever, there are people who steal "in front" fraudsters without answering, and without anyone asking, Why

Because there is no justice

These were "corrupt politicians" who change and undo laws just for them, and against citizens without answering, and without anyone asking, Why

Because it is not "democratic state"

I do not accept it

I I get asked by My friends : But it is not police, prosecutors or judges there ?
This relative world, where political order, decide justice or punish those who dare to ask for rights, freedoms and to resist corruption

The law says that all receipts must be "series and numbered ', then that will automatically" get accounting'

But for who is made law?

Definitely not for them

The citizen must pay because this they want

I wonder now until all this?

I wonder now until all this?

Policemen will salary big, but all of them deserve?
Prosecutors have large salary, and no responsibility,
  Worth it?
Judges have large salary, but no justice
Worth it?
Politicians have very high salary, have immunity, have more rights and freedoms than the rest of population
Worth it?
For them this is a business for us is our life

Because they are together and organized, in control

And we are divided,

We are the power in any state

We are "the many"

We are not saints on earth

We are not angels on earth

We are not God on earth

But they are too bitch

In the first image but also in the third image, shown genuine

Receipts collected by "owners' association" but do not appear
in their accounts, even though periods for which they are paid

In Figure 2 is a receipt, modified them

So I happened because I did not, I left them to steal from me

What do you think ? ,

that prosecutors did something?

or cops?

or judges?

No, they are busy with political and financial problems

I sign with my name

I am not afraid of them
    Gherasim Dragos-Cristian

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