Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Saga continues against fraud, a new complaint to the Supreme Council of Magistrates from Romania

This is the "criminal complaint" against the prosecutor's case, which delays this file 3 years, without reason, without hiding it
When does, or In what state organization, or feudal, something happened?
 I'll tell you, in the country called Romania, where they are covered by the political class

Here is a translate made with Google translate

Superior Council of Magistracy - Judicial Inspection
Directorate judicial inspection for prosecutors
Mr. Director,
The undersigned GHERASIM CRISTIAN DRAGO┼×, residing in the city. Bucharest, str. County, no. 15, block 17, needle. 4, ap. 120, sector 2, make a complaint against the prosecutor at the Prosecutor's Office District 2 Bucharest Court that investigating criminal case no. 4120 / P / 2013 about improper work and breach of professional obligations in relations with litigants in this case with the undersigned.
In fact, at 01: 05: 2016 [June 1, 2016] by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, I submitted a written request to the Prosecutor's Office Court District 2 Bucharest, which we requested the communication status of research in case no . 4120 / P / 2013 of the Prosecutor and asked to urgently resolve the complaint because the undersigned and other rights and interests of other owners in the Owners Association of block 17 are still violated the association's leadership.
I have shown that excessive length of time elapsed from the registration dossier - 2013 - so far, without solving it, not only violateconstitutional principles and art. 6 of the ECHR, but I endanger ownership of their own and sole of my (and my family) housing because the leadership of the Association of owners of enforceable judgment, without taking into account that I paid most of the debts , given that maintenance costs were calculated and unlawfully dealing, obviously sell my property at public auction apartment in enforcement proceedings (execution file no. 276/2015 - BEJA Boambes and Badea.)
The prosecutor of the case, not only to speed up the settlement of the criminal case, but has not even agreed to give me an answer about the state of research in the file nor the statutory period of 30 days or after. Important to note is that the fate of this folder link and for the case .... No, before the Court of Sector 2 Bucharest, covering protest against the execution estate unwound my folder with the date de12.07.2016 term.
Compared to the inappropriate activity of criminal case no. 4120 / P / 2013 of seniority, the right to a fair trial and the violation of property rights and in relation to the lack of a response to demand for communication research stage, please take the necessary legal measures.
With consideration,
Dragos Cristian Gherasim

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