Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Justice for corruption, punishment for those who oppose

Some friends said there is  "justice" in Romania

I listen to them and I have made other demarches and complaints to show abuses that I was exposed

In photo 1 is complaint to the chief prosecutor 2 "
To respond in 20 days,,, but sorry ,,, nothing from them , that law is just for funny , not to be apply  

Figure 2 shows proof mailings to "request addressed to the Prosecutor"

File no. 4120 / P / 2013 -
Prosecutor's office 2 Bucharest District Court
Mr. Prime - Attorney,
The undersigned GHERASIM CRISTIAN DRAGOŞ, residing in the city. Bucharest, str. County, no. 15, block 17, needle. 4, ap. 120, sector 2, please let me know the status of research in case no. 4120 / P / 2013 of the Prosecutor's Office attached 2 Bucharest District Court. Also, please expedite resolution of complaint because the undersigned and other rights and interests of other owners in the Owners Association of block 17 are still violated by the management of the association.
Time too high since the date of registration dossier - 2013 - so far, without solving it, not only violate constitutional principles and art. 6 of the ECHR, but I endanger ownership of their own and sole of my (and my family) housing because the leadership of the Association of owners of enforceable judgments without considering that we paid most of the debts, given that maintenance costs were calculated and the sale apartment unlawfully my property at public auction in enforcement proceedings (execution file no. 276/2015 - BEJA Boambes and Badea.) the lack of a timely response and achieving the Romanian authority brought undersigned rights, especially property rights, compel me to address the European institutions / international to protect my rights.
I look forward to your reply as soon as possible.
With consideration,
Dragos Cristian Gherasim
Mr. Prime - Prosecutor's Office attached to Bucharest Court District 2

This is the prove from post office 

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