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And through the thorns to the stars

And through the thorns to the stars 
Part 4. The Law on the Dimension
Author: A. Guliyev 
In the previous parts of the article, we studied the concepts of Resonance and Gravity, figured out how the universe and our solar system work, and also because of which the electron is carried around the atom, and our planet around the sun is the Sun. 
We first p azobrali Fundamental theories of physics and the laws of scientists from around the world, their contribution to the science itself extant. Similarly, we were able to consider the falsity of many theories or the mistakes made by their creators. 
But there is a law, which is known to the majority of scientists in all fields of physics, chemistry, biology and astronomy. This is the Law on Dimensionality or simply the word: "REGULARITY". 
The pattern of nothing - nothing but a plan for General Designer of the universe. This is a kind of world order. All that we can see and touch, where we can look through a microscope or telescope, in all this we see a clear system and device. But for some reason, we readily believe in chance or in the fact that all living things originated with some bacteria in the primary broth, and also that we ourselves are descendants of monkeys, but no one tries to say directly - We are the result of the development of a certain Higher Mind, the result of the creation of the Creator . And not just a result, but a kind of a large and mysterious idea. Here then, I am sure that we would be able to do more important and fundamental discoveries for our science. 
I'm always surprised and could not understand why the same for nearly all the scientists have so actively and interruption prove that God does not exist? Who taught them or who manages this process? But all processes in the universe are manageable. Similarly, with this scientific atheistic system. If the id is this process - so they, who - it manages. Personally, I, as a believer, have long ago determined who this WHO is for. Well, you think for yourself, maybe you will discover the truth as it really is. 
I just know one thing, our scientists are more likely to create a virus that will destroy billions of people around the world than a medicine that will solve the problem of Cancer or AIDS. That they are likely to create any more - the engine on gasoline than the engine in the water or on the magnetic field generator LF. Yes, it was on this generator of the low-frequency field that the electric Nikola Tesla drove, back in the early 20th century. 

And so attack the study of the Law on Dimensionality. To understand what MERNITY is, we need to consider several easy and understandable, even child, examples. 
On the first example we will consider the Law on Dimension with Oak Seed. 
Here we take the oak acorn and plant it in the ground. We all understand that it is an oak sprout will grow, not apple - for example, and that it will have exactly acornsinstead of bananas. Although with the development of genetic engineering and GMOs, I would not be surprised if somewhere in the laboratories of the West, on the oaks grow bananas. My personal opinion is that we have learned to change the nature of plants and animals - this is commendable, but interference in natural, legitimate processes must be cautious and balanced. Violate the natural laws of the world order is, - it's cr Ain dangerous. And example of this can serve as a research specialist of genetically modified products produced mainly by the American company "Monsanto", but by the way, this company is in the middle of the 20th century was developing biological and chemical weapons. Maybe now about um - a new type of genetic and biological weapons test on us? 
According to the example described above, you have a little understand what dimension. I would call it simply a coordinate system. 
The second example is even simpler. There are mom and dad, they conceive a child and naturally a man is born. Have you ever - or - be heard that would have parents born monkey, moose NOC or the hedgehog? Me neither. Yes, children of another nationality or race may be born, but these are human children, not animals. Similarly, among the animals of the same genus, only cubs of the same genus are born. Therefore, Darwin's theory of the evolutionary development of all life is false. By mistake or deliberately, but it is not true. We the people can only happen from the human race, and not from dinosaurs, frogs and monkeys. That's why until now scientists, an intermediate species between a man and a monkey has not been discovered. 
Another example of the law on dimensionality will be from the field of nuclear physics, which will be understood by both experts and ordinary philistines. There is such a substance Uranus in nature. This is a rare earth mineral. Although for some reason it is considered a metal. But I'm inclined to think - that uranium is a mineral, and ne metal. And furthermore I know that banker on it consists of several minerals. Their totality, n ri over high temperatures, pressures, such as eruption, create uranium itself known to us to date. In principle, most of the metals, gases and minerals known to us are the aggregate and reaction of several simpler elements.  
So that would be uranium turned into fuel for nuclear power plants, it should be enriched. That - is to have a certain critical mass. 
Without this, we would not have received any nuclear power plants or nuclear weapons.  
Here then - or we can literally observe the Law on the dimension. That is, everything has its own Measure and Dimensionality. What is the measure we all know, and what is MERNITY - was disassembled a little higher at the beginning of the narrative.  
It would be foolish to put the crown and say that all laws are open man m - nonsense. Just because of the different views, Zaan gazhirovanosti and zapolitizirova as the scientific system, we have got what we have to this day. After all, many physicists, chemists, biologists, mathematicians have made a huge contribution to the national and world science. After all, we use electricity, we go on the trains and cars, flying in the sky and even in space and floating-m on the seas and oceans. We wear synthetic clothes and shoes, use household chemicals and easily treat medicamentous diseases, which earlier, in the Middle Ages, were considered not curable. 
In our century we have reached unprecedented heights in our own technical and technological development.  
But at the same time, for some reason, we do not notice that the world and the universe are arranged like that otherwise.  
Some laws are made and open us to the ground and operate at the same time, in some moments - they are completely incapacitated. And that's why no one thinks about it.  
The Law on Dimensionality gives a true understanding of the world order and the interaction of matter and energy. Thanks to Mr him, we are already able to control not only the physical phenomena on the ground, but also to engage in the terraforming other planets and worlds. Travelers will be able to update themselves m across the galaxy and discover new colony, there to develop a new culture and society, mine minerals and build science labs.  
In the first article, we considered the physical phenomenon of resonance and gravity on the examples of the arrangement of atoms and the solar system.  
This topic can be admired and explored for years. Because gravity and resonance is the key to understanding the entire universe. It turns out that our sun, in collaboration with the planets interact on an equal footing. All planets as living beings are connected with it by a certain special thread - the Thread of Gravity. Our scientists do not know about this thread. Some believe that the planet holds a power of attraction and twirls her around the world. Others - that the planets are on some flat plate - orbit. But in fact, everything is much simpler and easier to understand, when we represent that there is some gravitational filaments that hold the planet. But the most important is, for the understanding of it, to know that the world is not on a leash, as if they willingly cooperate with the star for the fact that we have lived with you in the world in complete safety from all external threats. 
Now many researchers of astronomers and physicists have discovered a certain pattern of the structure of the solar system, suggesting that all planets as clockwork are aligned and oriented to the ground. More precisely on the inner planetary belt of three planets: Earth, Mars and Venus.  
If we take into account that the solar system was created artificially and for the sake of what would in all contribute to the development of life on earth, for humanity's sake, then this theory is correct. And already on the basis of this theory it is possible to obtain a large amount of fundamental laws that will help us to understand more clearly and consciously our existence with you.  
And now you read the article and our immense light The sun rushes in the boundless expanse of the Milky Way galaxy, and the planets held by mysterious threads follow him constantly creating a whimsical picture reminiscent of the flight of a fantastic spacecraft. And they do not just turn round the sun, but in a kind of spiral. I swear to you, I just imagine it but it's much harder to describe. I hope those who read these articles will also begin to see clearly how our universe is arranged, what principles of the structure of its structure and what laws affect it. 
Now we just touched, just looked into the keyhole and saw the majestic mystery of the Creator. And tomorrow? ... And tomorrow we'll go through the thorns to the stars for a meeting of the mysterious tomorrow.  
In the next article, we will open the Law on Elemental - Virtual Energy Unit.

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