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Part 3. Virtual Universe

Author: A. Guliyev

The Big Bang theory, which was first voiced by Albert Einstein in 1916 which he described in his book "Fundamentals of general theory of relativity", has reached our days almost in the same form in which it had no idea of the scientists of the twentieth century.
Later the Soviet mathematician A.Fridman in 1922, found the solution of Einstein's gravitational equation, known as Friedman's non-stationary solution, in which he developed the cosmological model and the principle of this phenomenon.
A German mathematician G. Weyl in 1923, noted that the substance placed in an empty universe must necessarily expand. Freaks of course, but at that stage they all practically went the right way and even Albert Einstein himself, apparently realizing how much he had lied to science, putting forward his theory of relativity.Apparently language, he pointed to his portraits, that's why.
So, continuing, deepening, into the theory of the universal cataclysm of incredible scale and power, we involuntarily approached the incredible discovery of the most famous American astronomers and physicists Humazon and Hubble who, by investigating the radial velocities of some galaxies and nebulae, established a clear linear dependence on the radial velocity and distance in space. Later, they called Hubble's Law.
And already in 2009 after the launch of the satellite Planck, anisotropic relic radiation were measured. This in turn has given scientists an idea about the age of our universe, and that she had a certain facility, and is now actively expanding and scatters in different directions. These are the phenomena of expansion of matter characterized by an explosion. Certain cataclysm which occurred many billions of years ago. Although it is possible to talk about time, if in fact time and space and even energy arose precisely as a result of this Big Bang. The very term Big Bang, was presented by the scientist Fred Hoyle in 1949, one of the many founders of this theory in the scientific world. He was a supporter of the hypothesis of "continuous" creation of matter in the expansion of the universe. But he did not approve of the fact that the whole matter has come to the results of a powerful tate cotton out of nowhere, and that susches exists a finite time. That is why he considers the theory unsatisfactory and not wealthy.
Well, if I remember correctly, in the Vedas describes a universe that is born and dies, and such births and deaths were countless.
But then the question arises, from where he took a substance that appears at which, the explosion and is compressed again in the zero point? M ozhet this is so. Let's call this theory - the theory of the Breath of the Universe. But now I would like to focus on another theory, namely the theory of the virtual universe. At the same time, it is absolutely no denying the theory of the Big Bang. It is more than correct and consistent and can rightly be called - fundamental theory.

Virtual - is that no physical basis, which is palpable or at the level of mental images, or as a computer, visually on the screen. Suppose the virtual a world in which any game. Now these games are very coined - a lot, and the characters are more and more similar to humans. Who knows maybe when the supercomputers with artificialintelligence will be created which will generate another virtual universe originated and where people like you and me people. This is something we can talk for a long time, but in the end what will happen, it will certainly happen. And it will be that - that determine their choices ourselves or some higher spiritual being known.
In general, when we come in contact with information about the Big Bang, we realize that something - that's where it would have appeared or accident or is going, it had the density and obbem. Well, judging by the fact that such a planet, stars and galaxies we can roughly judge that this substance was a tremendous density and mass of the substance. Although the concept of mass in the virtual world does not exist. A simple example of the files on our computer. We can measure obbem in kilobytes orterabytes, but a lot of this information and experience can not be measured. Why? Yes, because it does not exist. There is no mass, that's all!
And in this the only misleading physicists and astronomers are seeing throughout the mass, which does not exist. Well, how do you imagine this? Won our sun has trillions of tons of weight, and who and what he was measuring it? So I do not know. And such objects with data measured substance density and volume.
And now, we have that - that there was in the universe, it was too tight, but on the amount of talk was stupid, it was not then the space through which it was possible to imagine a future obbem material universe. Maybe it was a match head, and maybe stuck out trillions of light years. In this I also argue with scientists. So we can not determine the nature of the substance, this fact and the density can not be determined. Accordingly, what do we have? Something about Th th one could not see or feel -suddenly came into being! That's what our academicians had to start with. That is, out of nothing, something suddenly arose. I remember, I read when the book of our Komsomol Soviet authors, it was called the Dirac sea. There seems to be such a thorium about the fullness of space. That everything is always there. Even what we can not imagine and still think about is.
That is the theory of the virtual universe more complete and wealthy today by the fact that it does not deny the presence of God s. In another way to explain everything that has happened it is simply not possible. And may beat their breasts are different figures of science, often atheists, let rip on the chest of his shirt and sprinkle ashes me they can not deny. Although the whole crowd will be yelling at stoppage. And to refute the existence of the Creator and even more so. They came from the monkeys,and I myself the Lord has made. Do you feel the difference?
In general, we will not be distracted and continue our story. Well, then, it is something which has been the criteria and the oscillation frequency when the frequency is switched at exorbitant rate, I think it was super high and had more than a trillion cycles per second, and then there was this explosion and originated matter and energyand thus space and time. Now judge how many measurements of spaces called Asha universe stupid. I can not imagine more than 4 myself. Although I know them a lot more. But this is at a higher level of consciousness is.
When the substance is shattered, it formed all the things that we see, feel and present. And most interesting is that the process of this movement is not stopped. You know there is always vacuum. What kind of obstacle or friction can there be? Well, yes it's cold. But the cold characterizes the absence of heat. Think outside of our galaxy in the intergalactic space, the temperature is much lower than say behind the orbital station Mir. Therefore, we, as it were frozen and our universe as well. But for what? And this, unfortunately, I can not tell. Because if I reveal this secret, it will create the most deadly weapon, capable of destroying not only the people and the city,but dissolve into atoms and mess up the planets and stars. And such destructive force will have the size of a ball for table tennis. Can you imagine such a device, for example in the center of Moscow? Somewhere in the wall to Remli? Or on the Clean Ponds? And I - no ...
According to this friend, and these technologies will not be opened to humanity. But there is interest in these developments. For example, cold fusion as an energy source. With eychas nuclear reactions we do in Gray in the bath and twist the turbine. And tomorrow, with the help of cold nuclear fusion energy will travel to other galaxies and even the Universe. But, Unfortunately, these devices do not correspond to current research in the field of cold fusion. Moreover, a cold synthesis is a delusion and a primitive. Well, that's why we'll close the topic of future technologies.
Next we look at the principle referred to in the previous section about the gravity and resonance. I promised that we shall return to him.
And so vesche GUSTs shattered in a space formed galaxies races and the planetary certain interesting principle of the system and thus, the material and flies at the same speed and in the immeasurable infinite space.
Then East apa suffered ... I started to see clear images of world order and principles of the gravitational interaction of bodies in space. It is important! Now we carefully stop our attention and remember the basis: The universe expands and disperses, with a speed that we can not measure. Do you see the essence now? We can not determine the speed and measure it, but it's there. And of course, with the same galaxy as fast flying and our sun and the planets are sticky to it by gravitational interaction.
This means that the planet does well can not rotate stationary elliptical circular orbits, they would simply flew to vigorous mother like balls in billiards or each other to thundered. At that moment I saw the orbits of the planets, and even earlier I saw a similar planetary spiral model on a yutube. There the sun is flying and all the other planets along the spiral elongated orbits. I whitened and sat down. Ah, here it is an infection, this gravity! Yes, of course. A otherwise it can not be.
I can imagine right now a couple of academics swallow Corvalol and tear constricting neck tie. Well, sorry gentlemen. But I'm used to telling the truth and this is my motto in life!
Now, many of you are ordinary guys and girls can see the principles of world order and realize that taco e virtual values in our universe. And furthermore, in the future, have the correct Worldview of the Law on the Dimensionality of our Creator of the Absolute. Next we look more deeply the concept of the Law on the dimension and approach to developments in the field of space industry and flights into space, traveling within the solar system and beyond.

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