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Through the thorns to the stars

Through the thorns to the stars

Part 1. Opening the veil of the mystery of the universe.

Author: A. Guliyev

I started preparing this article a few months ago. It just so happens that this information can not be given in full, as it represents a threat to Russian national security. But the material that I will be given in this post is enough for understanding the principles of the world order of the universe, energy and matter. I also invite experts, scientists, physicists, chemists, power engineers and representatives of the space industry to discuss. Since the questions that will be open are of great value for furtherresearch and discoveries in the field of physics and astronomy, the discovery of innovative scientific theories and the creation of a development complex I in sph ere civil and military aviation and space industry.
Immediately warn experts that the basic information is already provided in the necessary scientific circles and experts for review. The greater part of the technology, unfortunately, can not be n redstavlena in open access.
So, friends and colleagues, I would like to ask you a question. Tell me, dear experts and scientists, why are we still digging into the swamp and using primitive technologies based on the use of petroleum products and all kinds of gases in order to bring the same launch vehicle into space?
So I still do not understand, realize and accept the fact that in the age of development of the nuclear industry, opening all sorts of new theories in quantum physics and information technology, all kinds of developments in the field of robotics, high-tech technology, electronics, space instrumentation, for the study of outer space, planetary and galactic scale processes, we have not yet advanced one iota in the study of such an important concept as gravity.
What is gravity and Antigravity we'll talk a little bit later. In the meantime, I would like to dwell on one theory, namely, Einstein's "General Theory of Relativity." More or less savvy professionals and even students are well aware of this theory. On it we Of course, to speak in full will not. But it is in her Albert Einstein first announced the so-called concept of the speed of light. That - there is the speed of light particles - photons in a vacuum, in an open space. It is a photon that is a particle of light, and by that, all measurements were taken, starting from this elementary particle.
But what was my disappointment when I disproved this theory and found that there is no speed of light does not exist. Why? And I'll show you this clearly.
So, in order for us to receive a beam of photons, we need a source of this energy. Take a normal flashlight. Including it, the energy of the batteries gets into the incandescent lamp and emits light and heat energy. Naturally, the rate of photons and their flow capacity depends on the source of the radiation power. I hope everything is clear.
When the flashlight is on, we see the light emanating from it. As soon as we extinguish the flashlight, we do not see the light either. What happened? Yes, everything is simple - stop source to generate photons, and they are scattered in space. Now a question arose for astronomers. Lord, what about the theory of the stars in the universe, which lies about a hundred light-years away, if you say that we see the light of the stars, extinct hundreds of thousands of years ago? This is true? But as we can see them when disappeared source that emits photons? As we can see the light when it is no longer emits nothing? I understand - the correlation beam of the laser. Here we let him out of the earth, and he went off - then, for example to Mars. Mars 150 more Mill., Kilometers. And what - the unit can safely secure the beam of radiation. So in principle, a distant space connection is being built. Now, though use of microwave transmission by means of radio telescopes and antennas, or short-wave transmitters.All this action enno, but the long-range, of course, we will use a thermal laser transmitter for communication.
So, there is a transmission on Mars with the help of a laser, but at the same time the heat ray, at a certain moment, when the source of radiation is turned off, turns into a radio signal. I think it's the specialists confirm. Since at such a distance from such a low-power light source will not be able to fix any equipment except of course the telescopes or telescopes. But they fix not only the visual component, but also, of course, electromagnetic radiation. It - that we take in the world in the form of various kinds of elementary particles such as mesons, and bosons and a number of other elementary particles.
And I was struck by the stupidity of many experts, that they through the study of these particles prove untrue Einstein's theory. Well, some theories of our grief scientists. And what do you then do not consider the concept of the radiation source itself?
And that's what's really going on out there, beyond our planet and our solar system, we will talk a little bit further. So, why is not correct and not consistent theory of Alberta Eynshteyna? So, why not true all the other theories based on its principle used in modern physics and astronomy?
We are just dismantled the concept of power and the source that emits photons and other particles elementary. But since, as we know that the radiation data and have a wave structure. Namely electromagnetic. It is this concept of the wave structure of the macrocosm and microcosm, at the atomic level and is hidden from us. And why?
So I'm sure this article will be conveyed to the Academy of Sciences of Russia, as well as in other scientific world community. And I would like to ask the international meeting of academicians and doctors of sciences, why are you such hypocrites? Why do you say about one side of the coin, and at the same time, knowing the truth, hiding the other side, which is the key to the knowledge of the world order of the universe and the inner world ??? Who gave you this right ?! Who has entrusted such powers to you and how do you dare to wear your crowns of academicians, professors and doctors of sciences after that ??? Now to you the schoolboy having no special or higher education, will destroy and prove the inefficiency of all your, such fundamental, theories and knowledge on which you have built the foundation of the false modern science for several centuries. I think by the end of this article, many will understand my sharpness and outrage that we have all been duped. We are enslaved in oil and gas with - that a hundred years ago we could have unlimited sources of energy and to fly in deep space, moving through space at a speed exceeding a thousandYachi times the speed of light. Yes - yes, and Menno so! And a trip to Mars would be the usual hour tour of the solar system, as flying in the constellation of Orion to the red giant - Betelgeuse would not take more than 48 hours there and back.
But we, for some reason, is already flying into space is now using the internet and all possible gadgets, still puffing diesel fuel and gasoline, traveling on internal combustion engines, invented two hundred years or more. Well, you see friends this is idiocy - complete. What then did our great scientists do all these two hundred years ??? Bombs did? Bady? Innovative pads with fibers and wings? Here it is the face of modern science. Instead of flying to the stars, we are engaged in the development of gaskets and condoms. But time does not stand still. Even in books of science fiction writers in the 50-80 years, computers and the Internet were on a parwith Battlestar and flights to other galaxies. Immortality and full health with the discoveries in the field of teleportation. And what happens now? Here we actually live in a time when the guest from the future film - Alice Selezneva, flew to graviplane, teleported through fixed devices in the form of m Aketi tram anywhere in the world and travel through time. And we? Develop condoms and Dolby our unfortunate planet, what would she gave us more oil, gas, gold, diamonds and metals ... But why ???
Fuck us these diamonds and this gold ??? For them you can not buy anything essential! Neither love not buy NIL, no respect, no health ... But not about it now speech.Let's return to the stars.

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