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Part 2. Antigravitation.
Author: A. Guliyev
In the last part we opened a little veil of the mystery of gravity and dismantled the falsity of the statement and those of fundamental relativity Rhee. Yes, of course, there it said, and about time. Time is generally a virtual value, and it is, of course, interrelated with gravity. Now scientists are physicists and astronomers have come to realize that such gravity and time. They opened the so-called neutron stars, quasars and black holes, and some - like closer to the realization of some of the processes of the universe. Only that's why they take such elementary knowledge into all kinds of formulas, theories, and thereby further entangle us and confuse themselves in their own wilds with the fabrications of their minds.  
I remember a book Georgiya Gurdzhieva how Beelzebub traveled with his grandson in the interstellar ship. There, this flight process was described as the fall of their space liner to one of the stars of their stellar system.  
At that time, I still did not fully understand all the principles of interaction of bodies in the universe, did not understand what space and time. But after reading this thick volume, I was shocked by the simplicity of what is actually gravity, and of course the Anti-Gravity. This is how the polarity of the magnet, it attracts the one hand andwith the other repels itself is like a magnet.
So Gravity - a phenomenon of the electromagnetic interaction of bodies in nature. Gravity has an exclusively electromagnetic, wave nature, but it also hides one more principle - it's resonance.  
Antigravity - a reverse polarity interaction Discount gravel bodies of matter.  
We took it apart. But what exactly is this resonance, and what it eats?
If we delve into different scientific articles and textbooks, we can find a brief definition of what resonance is.
Wikipedia resonance is described as: "a phenomenon - a sharp an increase in the amplitude of forced oscillation, which occurs when the frequency of natural oscillations with a frequency count fucking driving force. "Uh ... How difficult it all is described. However, we can identify and simplify their own words this formula the notion that such a resonance. First and foremost that we have to understand that - this phenomenon is precisely because of our unfortunate academics have called this process and rightly so, as this is a natural phenomenon following the second -... the frequency of field oscillations in the interaction with the natural frequency of oscillation of some you Needs force Well, this is easy to understand and can even give you an example of the phenomenon of resonance in several images, for example, the same fork you hit anything -... then one of the sticks fork, shock and sound waves transmitted to the other stick and resonance occurs, which a person, holding a tuning fork, feels like a vibration and a strong sound emanating from it.
The second example and the image is the bridge over the river. Thereon moving trains and automobiles, it is naturally in itself certain frequency oscillations, but whenfor example, it is exposed to strong wind or earthquake, natural disaster frequency and compared with the frequency of the vibrations of the bridge, the bridge immediately begins to resonate and break.
Here on these examples, even a child can understand what gravity and resonance. But all this knowledge will help us go to the stars? Very simple. Next, we will reveal the veil of another of the secrets of the world order.
Atomic theory. This theory is a fundamental and open she was a Greek philosopher Democritus, later spoke about her other thinkers of the time Evklipp. But no evidence on - while this theory was not, and could not be.  
Later in the 18th century, more precisely in 1789, a scientist Antuan Loran opened three more theory and later used them as the laws of physics, applicable, to this day,physicists and chemists. This is the law of conservation of mass, the law of constancy of composition and the law of multiple relations. Further discoveries were one -for - one, from the opening to the ubatomnyh particles to the Thomson model of the atom. But the fundamental theory of Thomson did not and was refuted by Ernesto m Rozenfordom who founded n lanetarnuyu model of the atom. Well and further from the school progra-program we know about the Bohr model and a languid orbitalLouis Broil.  
And then closer to our days making your way through the pile of formulas, models, and theories of scientists, finally, then we realized that, as a model of the atom at the micro level and the planetary model of the solar system have the same system and the building structure. I call it simply - REGULARITY.
Now I have a little carried away to the side and showed how historically formed planetary or atomic model of the universe. Since this structure of interaction of matter is in all of us visible and not visible. But, unfortunately, Why, we are constantly being taken away in the direction of abavlyayut and our minds are searching for a different sort of super - duper elementary particles and the creation, no, it moronic to llayderov synchrophasotrons and ... I do not understand to this day why the heck !? Fuck us all this when you need to go deeper in a completely different direction. Namely, to understand this phenomenon: Resonance.  
So we're like a clue to how things work in our universe and how it logically built and ordered our Creator - General constructs the universe.
To understand, understand and accept the elementary world order, we will consider the planetary model of our solar system. So. We have a sun - a star and ten planets, located in certain orbits and at the right distance from the luminary itself, of course, so that it would not destroy the planet with its radiation or incinerate the coronary plasma ejection. Further important is the very principle of why all the same planets hang in space and wrap around the star in stationary orbits, do not fly apart and do not fall on it. And this is the greatest mystery of all time. Since these orbits can not be stationary or annular. Look at the galaxy. What do you see? Of course, extensive radiation model. This is another model of the world order. That's right, and not otherwise arranged in fact all of our solar system, and an atomic system at the micro level. Now begins, howling and smashing the dishes. And some - one of the sages and academics have enough heart beat. Ask how so? How did we all so misunderstood and did not understand the elementary? Yes, it's very simple. But we'll talk about this in the third part and consider this theory in more detail.  
Now the ending, I will reveal the concept of gravity and resonance to this particular example of a planetary.  
So, the planet is not just revolve on the stationary orbits, but still easily capable of finding them without breaking the harmony of interaction with a luminary. But everything is simple. The sun has its own electromagnetic field, this field surrounds all the planets and the entire solar system. The same fields exist for all planets. And they interact with each other. How exactly this happens they, you ask? Yes, just as we have with you. They communicate, interact and cooperate with each other. It is of course for many the opening, and someone - it is a malicious laugh, and someone - it has me write out another diagnosis, but that this is the correct understanding of gravity itself. Gravity - this interaction energy of bodies, and the resonance - this information interaction. That is, the sun and our earth agree among themselves how to be, to live and coexist. In this case, the frequency of the earth's electromagnetic field and the frequency of the same solar field are almost identical. The only difference is in the capacity and output power, which is born nuclear fusion in the core of the star and of the planet.  
Therefore, it is information and energy interaction is resonance. So we understand the basic principles of the planetary structure of our stellar system and how it is actually arranged. Moreover, I'll open you one more secret. And the sun and the earth - is reasonable. So they have that - a sort of planetary computer which can record certain parameters and to alter the physical and energetic properties of this interaction. But we'll talk about this in the next part.

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