Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A country where justice is the defending corruption, fraud, and deceit

A state without justice is only a "drawn primitive" and dysfunctional

Evidence-based justice condemn or release,

Justice is blind to human suffering, it just judge, facts on the basis of evidence,

What name can have when they bring evidence, bring documents, accusations be made based on those samples and documents, and the response is indifference?

A cry "in the wilderness"

In which country can a citizen who proves to have debts paid, as are acts "done" without having to respect the law and "internal regulations", however only for him to accept the conditions and requirements of certain persons "protected by politicians "the judge or prosecutor or police officer, not to tell, that is blackmail

Based only on the words of a small lawyer, without any proof, only acts "made mockery" what justice, what kind of country which continent, in which century

No need to see evidence, and the only way to condemn the truth, to protect the "obscure interests" fraud and corruption

How can that looks at all these facts be warned, punished by the final decision, which is against him

How it came as a country, as it was Romania, with people honest, obedient, wet nature has given people the realms of dream, and yet people "honest and clean" to die ruled by 'mafia corruption and fraud "

All these politicians were and are protected by "people with advanced functions" in the European Parliament, and from the White House [us assistant secretary of state for european and eurasian affairs] ,,, and so Hillary Clinton have send here Philip Gordon ho was on that time his assistant 

What can wait a simple citizen, who sees and lives all this,

Citizens of neighboring countries and the countries whose politicians have intervened because in Romania corruption to become state law, they say?

Can these citizens to accuse someone of corruption when the entire political class is proven, corrupt and untrue?

I ask friends, who of you can bring this sad story, painfully true in media, especially to inform populations in other countries because all this, to stop, and such "stories ugly" to never repeated anywhere in the world,

What happens to me is "painfully true" only because I have never accepted all these

Why I am forced to accept, to be blackmailed

Why citizens must accept however only for "some insignificant politicians" to be able to fraud

A world in which we want to live in love and peace, must be the truth, justice and people

As I have always done

Otherwise I do not accept
I am not afraid

I sign with my name, showing evidence of their actions

I trust "world citizens" and their power

I hope in justice, and the truth can not be hidden

Gherasim Dragos-Cristian 

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