Monday, June 6, 2016

Their lie, of all days, exposed and demonstrated, demands that make them pay

      This started of the article is dedicated to all the friends who have helped me to expose fraud, lies, and their corruption,
Today I was the first day of the court hearing to get the suspension "forced execution" but also for cancel this abuse

Thanks to you friends from all over the virtual world, thanks to you and only to you today I saw and felt that those of justice begins to be afraid,

Today at our entry in the courthouse, no further anti-terrorist control Armes no bombs, but were looking recording equipment, have warned that I am not allowed with Mobile Phone, started in the courtroom

Also today the courtroom was guarded much better and more carefully, 3 policemen, not one as was always, many people dressed in costume, who stood in the hall from the courtroom, an excessive number by gendarmes in building,
What good is when you are "safe"

I for that, I submitted the documents made by them, and bills paid me with, the complaint made by lawyer but who could not come into the courtroom with me being gone away from in the locality

So only support ,,, was from you with your share and coment

Their lawyer has prepared a really large packet with maps, at home I saw that there were only copies, which filed earlier and only 3 pages, in saying that I do not have the right to ask to stop "forced execution"


Their lawyer says that I have not paid anything from debt

Receipts that I've shown are old
There says I do not want to pay, and I did everything, because you do not pay
Sin can boo because my association to pay debts to "suppliers"

For this they are forced to sell "my apartment"

Today filed a "notice of hearing", which aims to bring the entire debt "up to date"

As I said before, and as I always did, and I've checked these lists maintenance "

I do not understand how it is that I only have to pay 5 or 6 times more than others in the same conditions?

How could, when you earned some money, do not subtract the debt and grow it?
How can modify documents, and that money disappear, and when you complained, does not anything happen?

How is it possible that when you write such documents and complained to nothing happens?

The judge today did not want to listen anything from this process
Neither me nor him,

He took care of us very quickly get out of there

What next?
It allowed to begin a criminal investigation against them?

It will force me to accept their blackmail, and I pay?

I will not accept to pay for what they dream 

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