Friday, June 3, 2016


Without justice, no peace

This is a "judgment of judgment" where it is clear "indecision" judge against them, and closing the file against my requests

The file begins with last amount "to be paid by" although you have seen the receipts, which I paid,

This means "double taxation"
But if it is in his pocket no matter

I asked accounting expertise, for which I paid everything I was required to submit all the legal paperwork,

But surprise, they made tables, are good at it, and gave expert for the outstanding amount, but also of the rest, only those lists,
I tried the appeal, but was rejected
The expert showed that no legal documents, and any legal papers to approve spending,
But nothing 

Expert accountant showed that the method is used "rolling debt" to force increasing amount due, and that is not legal,
But who to see who hear

I appeal the decision, and they asked for me to receive criminal fine,
Both requests were rejected

However when I saw I decided to press criminal charges against them
Complaint is filed but exposed under "EXPOSE the Abuse"

The result was and is to this point, they were not even called to give a simple statement

They have immunity to acts of corruption and fraud?

I went to the police and I made copies of all documents, which they submitted to "court"
Of all the false but seen as "someone in politics [mafia] protects them

The judge said in the decision that "the law is clear about penalties" no interest or penalties for penalties,
But who observe this law?

The law is not made for them to comply

Ordinary citizens are forced to pay, everything that these financial crooks and fraudsters decide

The question is, UNTIL THEREFOR ALL?

The judge their reply, that what I do is perfectly legal and is not attributable to me, the law specifies, my right to appeal
The judge shows, he refused "their process verbally" because he had changed data with other "writing and other writing instrument"
But did not take action against them

Judge not appear citizen

Prosecutor expects to pass the time, and the file is closed, without disturbing

Police hold folder, in the drawer and does not want to bother them

All of this raises some questions

The last image is the table showing the whole amount, starts at another large sum, which is paid like we did, but they want me to pay again in May, but penalties, and criminal penalties

I do not accept

I refute thisIf there is justice, then the state does not exist,if there is justice there is no peace

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