Saturday, June 4, 2016

Romanian Justice or In-Justice , civil right , freedom , democracy

There is no peace between us, if there is no justice

My epic continue, but not as I wanted, but not as human rights, the Constitution, the Romanian law and international demands

My friends have asked what I did to stop all this and that to defend myself,
I did, Reclamation, criminal complaints, return to the criminal complaint, complained "the prosecutor" to the Supreme Council of Magistrates, who check their work but who abused "their right to independence" and not take any administrative measure

These documents can be found here

Now I did [declared] resorted to "their decision forced execution"

In this appeal, I look like is illegal, abusive, forced to pay large sums, within 15 days

I mentioned in this application as a part of the amount requested by them, is already paid , and I give them again copy of all of this

I mentioned "very clear" that the same amount is required and the second file

I explained the "ill will" from them when they performed calculations,

 For this we announced the court, I filed criminal complaints against them, and I did 'comeback details "to the prosecutor"

With all these papers and documents, the case should be accepted for trial by court

I asked
UP TO TRIAL, AND THE END OF THIS FILE, foreclosures to be suspended

I also asked to decide the temporary postponement until the final decision in this folder

I also asked to decide the temporary postponement until the final decision in this folder

However to be accepted by the judge,

I paid the court fee and deposit required by court

I had to pay  2 times, and for the suspension, but also temporary reprieve,
Here is "their call to judgment" where it can be seen that the total starts with the amount required from them in another folder, but that was not accepted by the court AND THAT HAVE PAY BY MY , AND THEY ,,, SAID NO ,,, I HAVE BILLS ON THAT ,,, they reply ,,, there is a material mistake
Although the judge at first case decided not to add penalties and interest, for them it did not matter

With that I go Monday in court to get suspended, delaying, and stopping foreclosures until the end of this process

If All this indicates to me in the press, they have no courage to falsifying documents,

A cry for help to friends, who could announce by international associations which fight for human rights, to announce the European court for human rights, and other associates or organized, which I could defend,

This process will begin Monday at the "tribunal sector 2", lawyers who helped in filing an appeal, for me, have said they can not come to trial Monday, that are away from Bucharest

I hope to get terms for them ,,,, when shall by here 
If you can not get another term, I am going to do everything possible to succeed, the judge began, the trial in this process

This is the real life here ,,, 

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